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Gene Deer’s- “Trippin’ Delta” taking “A Trip With Penny Lane” @giant96


The first date my husband took me on when to listen to Gene Deer perform.  Thinking back Gene Deer may of been my first introduction to the blues.  I am not one to categorize music too much besides music that I like and don’t.  But Gene Deer, oh he was amazing – his voice, guitar, stage presence – he has it all and plays music that is very pleasing to the ear.  The energy that has poured off the stage at  Gene’s shows  has made the hair stand up on my arm at times.

When Alan Johnson first shared Gene Deer’s latest album, “Trippin’ Delta” on GIANT 96’s “A Trip With Penny Lane”- I was ALL SMILES!  Gene Deer is awesome and the Delta Blues from Gene???—  That is a combination I knew I was going to love.


Check out the LIVE  performance of Gene Deer’s “70 Miles North Atlanta” on Giant 96- we literally had fans dancing in the parking lot! ( Click on the link below)

gene deer

“Listen to The Night” is also featured on Gene Deer’s “Trippin Delta” – I like how Gene Deer’s Songs tell stories- he seems to right straight from his heart.  Click on the link below & “Listen to The Night”.


( Photo by Lorri Markum )

Click on the link below to listen to Gene Deer’s entire interview on GIANT 96’s “A Trip With Penny Lane”


Gene Deer will be at The Slippery Noodle on Monday Oct 17th!



Follow Gene Deer ONLINE click here!

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