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Tequila Jim taking “A Trip With Penny Lane” on GIANT 96

Discovering new music that strikes a chord in your heart is always something that I consider to be special.  I am thankful to so many friends and fellow music lovers whom have directed me to talented musicians to enjoy.  Recently, Author, professor, media historian; former broadcaster & radio consultant, Donna Halper sent a link to me for Tequila Jim.  Now knowing that Halper discovered the rock band Rush, made me very curious and ....  well that night I was playing Tequila Jim's music for my friends- passing on the music for other to enjoy.


Tequila Jim is a singer-songwriter-guitarist-bassist/harmonica from Rhode Island.  He has a wit and a personality that will keep you on your toes.  Tequila Jim has written many intense songs from his soul- expressing lifes ups and downs - love, pain, redemption and hope.

Click on the link below to listen to Tequila Jim taking "A Trip With Penny Lane" on GIANT 96 REAL RADIO

tequila jim 9

Click on the link below to listen to Tequila Jim's original song LOST ALONG THE WAY

tequila jim

Click on the link below to  to listen to PART 2 oF Tequila Jim on Giant 96's "A Trip With Penny Lane"

tequila Jim

Click on the below to listen to Tequila Jim's Someday

tequila jim 3

Follow Tequila Jim online - CLICK HERE

You can support and download Tequila Jim's Music CLICK HERE

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