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Gas leak handled at Taco Bell Thursday; no injuries

A gas leak at a restaurant prompted a call to the Shelbyville Fire Department Thursday morning.

The Shelbyville Fire Department was dispatched to Taco Bell in the 7:00 am hour for a report of a gas smell in the restaurant. A gas leak with carbon monoxide concentration at over 100 parts per million was discovered.

Concentration Symptoms
35 ppm (0.0035%) Headache and dizziness within six to eight hours of constant exposure
100 ppm (0.01%) Slight headache in two to three hours
200 ppm (0.02%) Slight headache within two to three hours; loss of judgment
400 ppm (0.04%) Frontal headache within one to two hours
800 ppm (0.08%) Dizziness, nausea, and convulsions within 45 min; insensible within 2 hours
1,600 ppm (0.16%) Headache, increased heart rate,dizziness, and nausea within 20 min; death in less than 2 hours
3,200 ppm (0.32%) Headache, dizziness and nausea in five to ten minutes. Death within 30 minutes.
6,400 ppm (0.64%) Headache and dizziness in one to two minutes. Convulsions, respiratory arrest, and death in less than 20 minutes.
12,800 ppm (1.28%) Unconsciousness after 2–3 breaths. Death in less than three minutes.

The gas to the restaurant was shut off and the building was ventilated.

There were no injuries.

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