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Tech Today, May 30, 2018
3-D printing new corneas to overcome myopia, gene editing to defeat disease, and facial recognition bill paying om this version of Tech Today. Segment 1   Segment 2      
1/25/17: Tech Today (podcast)
Data, pink flamingos and a new number for the amount of galaxies in the universe on this episode of Tech Today.  
Tech Today (podcast), November 30, 2016
Feel free to comment at the bottom of our Facebook post of today's Tech Today podcast.  The first to name our opening topic of today's episode wins the 2017 Awesome Universe Calendar from Sky & Telescope and Tech Today.  
Tech Today, July 27, 2016
Major Hospital getting the moving vans ready, an enzyme that could treat genetic diseases and a monster Tasmanian devil in this edition of Tech Today with Bob Carmony and Johnny McCrory.