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Lake Michigan is So Clear, Shipwrecks can be Seen from the Sky

The first thing said when I saw this was "woah!!!" 

Now I want to go watch Matthew McConaughey's "Fool's Gold"......brb.


Hey Moms! What Do You Actually Want for Mother’s Day?

When you have little ones, the best Mother's Day gift to melt your heart is something they crafted with their own little hands. I never fail to tear up when Blake hands me something he made just for me at daycare. But when it comes to your spouse/partner getting you a Mother's Day present,...

22 Insanely Simple Ways to Save Money on Travel

Summer is right around the corner, and if you're like most Americans, you're planning some sort of a summer vacation. Regardless if it's a weekend getaway to Cincinnati or Chicago, or a week-long vacation to Florida or somewhere with a beach, check out these awesome tips that will help you save money and make...


Do you have an artistic teenager who is interested in filmmaking and movies?

*Covenant Productions® Filmmakers Camp*

*July 13-18, 2015*

Where high-school students begin their journey to become professional filmmakers.

*Would you like to...

Streaming Music Finally Makes More Money Than CDs

Do you stream music or still buy CDs? For me personally, I buy a physical CD if it is my favorite artist, because I collect them and I would be super sad if something were to happen to my digital music collection. Check out the article link below! It was an interesting read. Shows...