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  • Ed Krahn

    I met one of your crew at the finals just proir to Muskett and Carnes doing their set Saturday January 24th at the Orphium in Memphis.
    I was told there was video of the Ghost Town performance from Friday January 23 , 5-9pm show at the Blues Hall. I was auditioning as Canadian keyboard player and would very much like to see the video if it exists.
    Please let me know if you can help.

    Ed Krahn

  • Carolyn Statler

    Do you have any way available to announce the following event postponement. A Forum with Mike Schantz, Shelby County Emergency Management Director, sponsered by Shelby County Reads and scheduled for this Sunday, March 1 at 2 p.m. at the Fire Station is being postponed to a later date.
    Any help in notifying the public is very much appreciated.

  • First United Methdodist

    The Shelby County U tied Methodist Lenten service this evening at Shelbyville First UMC has been cancelled.

  • Loran Marshall

    I hope you like my music.,Loran Marshall

  • Loran Marshall

    I am always working on new songs..Thanks for playing my music.

  • acapellaluv

    HOME FREE is at the Egyptian Rm/Old Nat’l Ctr, Indianapolis tonight 7:30pm & they’re incredible LIVE!!*** PLZ play their awesome songs below: (**Short UK Tour Jan. 2016 & further Internat’l Tours 2016 & beyond- Global fans waiting)!!
    YOU TUBE: HOME FREE….[[ Headphones!! ]]
    “9 TO 5” -hilarious new vid!…Loove at 2:22 !!
    “WAKE ME UP”
    *************YOUR EARS/LISTENERS WILL THANK YOU!!! ************

  • Robert Walke

    I am Robert Walke and I know this is off topic to what the aforementioned topic was, but I am currently interested if there is an intern opening. I am a high school student at Rushville Consolidated High School as of right now, where I am a radio talent in the mid-morning. Last semester I had the morning show where women from Rush Memorial Hospital would join me and talk about health information every other Tuesday. I would enjoy and be overjoyed to come by some time. My contact info is and (765) 745-1273 is my cell phone if I am permitted to make a visit.

  • kristoffer love
  • John Kaye Check out this cool tool!

  • Marianne Cozmicsoulfire Vedder

    I do not use Reverbnation to submit anymore years and years paying never helped my music to get chosen where i am number 1 in rock for my country ,you guys chould allow artists to submit otherwise anyway now you miss out on my new single ,too bad! Marianne Vedder a.k.a Cozmicsoulfire