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Threats lead to arrest after victim has knife held to her throat

A Shelbyville man was arrested over the weekend after a confrontation with a female. The argument stemmed from a list of phone numbers, which the female classified as being that of drug dealers.
Shelbyville Police Officers James Jones and Daniel McCarty were dispatched to 34 E. Mechanic shortly past noon on Sunday. It was there they were able to meet and speak with the 21-year-old female victim.

She informed the officers that she had found the phone numbers in the pocket of 24-year-old Shawn Sturgill of Shelbyville. According to Patrolman Jones report she called the numbers verifying they were drug dealers. Sturgill became upset that she would not give him the numbers back, going into the kitchen and getting a knife with an eight inch blade and then held it to her throat, telling her he was going to kill her if she didn’t give them back. The female told Sturgill she was going to call the police. Sturgill then ripped the cell phone charger out of her hands so she could not make the call. When informing Strugill she was going to call the police about the numbers he left the residence in a Pontiac Grand Prix.
Shelby County Deputies were able to locate and stop the vehicle. In questioning Sturgill about the incident he stated it was the female who had the knife and that she had poked him in the chest with it. Officers noted no marks or injuries to Sturgills chest. Sturgill did show officers a bite near his wrist. The female stating to officers she had bit him in an attempt to get away from him while he had the knife at her throat.
Sturgill has been charged with two counts of Intimidation, one count of Interfering with the reporting of a crime and one count of driving while suspended.

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05/28/2012 11:22AM
Threats lead to arrest after victim has knife held to her throat
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